Pacific Green Coffee Roasters


Our mission is to help make the world a better place one person and one cup at a time. We set out to create delicious coffees in a responsible and environmentally friendly way that also gives back to all those involved in the process from growing to drinking. We hope our efforts inspire others to greatness and we aim to lead by example with our amazing customer service and coffees that are second to none.



Pacific Green Coffee is part of a small, family run roaster located in Northern Idaho. Our family partnership has a long history in coffee with experience in building stores from the ground up, operating retail stores, franchising, roasting and distribution. Throughout the years our roasters have always been dedicated to providing outstanding coffees. Roasting since 1998 mostly for wholesale customers our roasters have a combined 32 years of experience. Since inception they have roasted on a Diedrich and currently roast on the same Diedrich Roaster as well as a San Franciscan.

Like many professional roasters, they enjoy the challenge of sourcing the finest beans available, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. Like many in the industry our roasters are continually evolving and searching for the perfect roast. To them, roasting is about bringing out the unique characteristics of each bean.

The current trend in specialty coffee is to roast light to medium, a very precise art that allows for a dynamic range in tastes. Unlike many contemporary roasters, our roasters have been roasting single-origin, micro-roasted coffees for 16 years. Small batches handled with precision and care to bring out the richness of the bean. This is a process we know well.

Our roasters are everyday people, they love what they do, they are great at what they do… they also love their kids and being a mom and a dad. More importantly, at Pacific Green Coffee we are about community, supporting each other and making a difference in every aspect of our lives.

So live it, love it and enjoy it. 
Make your cup of coffee the  cup of coffee.




The soul of PGC is to create shared values that drive success beyond financial statements; a balanced combination of operating a community oriented business, evaluating environmental impact and building long term relationships. 


At Pacific Green we purchase and promote organic and Fair Trade coffees and encourage others to do the same. By doing so we believe we are elevating coffee producers' standard of living and the overall health of the industry.



We focus our environmental efforts on using recycled boxes to pack and ship our orders and encouraging local deliveries to use the same recycled boxes many times over. Printing most of our paper products on recycled materials and using biodegradable popcorn starch packing peanuts and recycled newspaper packing materials that help us reduce our footprint