Our Roasting Philosophy


Make your cup of coffee the cup of coffee

Our approach is a process of discovery, discovery through the understanding that certain quality control is lost in mass production and an understanding that great coffee, like the finest wines are never produced in large batches. We hand-roast in micro-batches to ensure precise temperature and cooling specifications that can only be achieved through hand roasting. In short, we set out with a simple goal of discovering an amazing coffee every time we create a new roast and we don't stop until we have something that is truly worthy of carrying the Pacific Green Coffee label and truly worthy of being considered an excellent coffee.

Once a skillful roast is complete the process is continued through exploring the essence of our roast in a cup. Determining the proper grind, extraction time and temperature, or how an espresso shot reacts with steamed milk... this is the beauty of a great coffee and the first glimpse of what a customer will experience. That simple moment of satisfaction in a cup!

At Pacific Green we love coffee and we love producing amazing coffee for others to enjoy. Enjoying is the ultimate satisfaction... the end of the process; cup to mouth. Smell the aroma from the cup. Take in the soothing color. Relish the rich flavor. Live in the moment and enjoy one of life's simple pleasures... a quality cup of coffee.