Our new all metal French Presses are a must have for any outdoor enthusiast or coffee lover. Available in three sizes to meet the needs of any group. Enjoy our aromatic "Humble Clem" for the perfect pairing on your next rafting trip!

Scroll down below for a visual "How to Brew" guide featuring the DETONATOR™.


The Detonator™ is available in three sizes:

the D1 is 100oz which makes 12.5 - 8oz cups, good for a group of 5-7 people – SOLD OUT

the D2 is 203oz which makes 25 - 8ozcups, good for a group of 12-14 people — SOLD OUT

the D3 is 362oz which makes 45 - 8oz cups, good for a group of 21-23 people — SOLD OUT

The D2 and D3 have a 1/4 inch thick wall and hold heat a long time.  Great at home or in the back country; simply heat the water in the Detonator™, add coffee, and in four minutes you will be enjoying coffee on tap.

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A visual "How to Brew" guide for your DETONATOR™

Detonator Manual Thumbnail

For even more in-depth instructions you can view and download the complete manual by clicking on the link below:

click this link: Time to Detonate: Coffee Brewing Manual

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